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Friday, 11 July 2014

TRY THIS - You Look Marvelous, Repeat

Common courtesy has become uncommon - rude is the new black. So I suggest we start properly paying compliments to friends and acquaintances in an effort to balance the books. How often do we say to ourselves "Ooo, her hair looks good" or "That dress really suits her?" Pardon me, I can't hear you? Mind your manners and politely verbalize your fondness for the fashions of a friend. Be generous with your honest praise and graciously accept the resulting appreciation. I found this classic etiquette tome in a used book shop inside a thatched roof hut at the back of a woman's garden in Harare, Zimbabwe. The casual book dealer was selling off her vast collection as a kind of on-going pension. I can't recall the exact price of the book, but it was a gentile figure I'm sure. 

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