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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

FOUND - Slip into Something More

I found the nude/pink silk slip from Noa Noa at Oxfam in Ealing and the dotty vintage slip from Madame Mim's in Bruges. While recently people watching it occurred to me that dress slips have gone the way of the horse and cart. And boot cut jeans. And landlines. Diaphanous dresses and skirts littering the high street shops lay claim to a sexier-than-thou look but I'm not sure their peek-a-boo appeal is really all that alluring. Sexy is as sexy feels. Pop on a dress slip and you immediately channel Elizabeth Taylor in the film adaptation of Tennessee William's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Sexy is equal parts confidence and imagination. While others won't know you're wearing the sensual silk under thing, you will. Your confidence sky rockets. Add imagination - pretend you're about to meet a young (or old for that matter), blue-eyed Paul Newman and all I can say is meow! The Noa Noa Slip was £4.99 and the dotty blue number was 7 euros.

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