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Thursday, 3 July 2014

TRY THIS - Let a Mate Rock Your Frock


This is my mate Lucy wearing my fringy frock. And my Donna Karan coat. And carrying my little box bag. Geez she looks great, on her way to a fancy do. An actor - rich in talent, poor in cash - I offered her the chance to borrow rather than buy. So she popped round to my place a few weeks before the shindig, and over Campari and lemonades, I styled while she modeled. We were like something from the past brought forward enjoying boozy fun in the dressing up box. I'd a feeling her English Rose complexion would set this dress off a treat. I've always worn it with black tights but Lucy needn't hide her shapely pink pins. I'm tickled that my clothes had the chance to dance with another. Go on, lend your frock to a friend; both will be eternally grateful. You can find Lucy on Spotlight www.spolight.com71168703312    

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