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Friday, 18 July 2014

TRY THIS - Charity Shop Haggling?

I found these high waisted Pepe jeans at the Cancer Research charity shop in Ealing last week. They were a bargain so it never occurred to me to haggle over the price. But this week I watched a woman stomp out of a charity shop when the manager wouldn't sell her a dress for less than the marked price. My friend Susan, the very definition of discretion and manners, has been known to ask for and be granted a discount on charity shop fashions. If you seek to haggle, save it for items that are higher priced; Susan, for example, would never quibble over a 6 quid pair of jeans (in point of fact, she'd never buy jeans, not her look). I suggest you become a regular in a charity shop before asking for a discount. Loyal customers are more likely to be granted the little favours they seek. And if the manager is unable to accommodate you, thank her for considering your request. Real style starts with a gracious way and understanding manner. Yes, these jeans were just £6, no haggling required.

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