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Thursday, 24 July 2014

TRY THIS - Lens Case of Double Vision

I found this camera lens case at the Oxfam in Ealing. Currently the Flippin' Fashion Industry (FFI) is advocating a 2-handbag-at-once style. In street shoots and fashion editorial, the double bag look is being pushed on us like grandma's meatloaf. Of course the FFI wants us to carry 2 expensive handbags at the same time; more bags, more sales, more profits, more more. Next season will it be three bags, or four, or even better, will the FFI decide we should sport a double-dress look or a triple-top style? While I don't like being manipulated by a multi-billion dollar industry that's occasionally guilty of demeaning the women it claims to serve, I do actually like the look of a modified double-handbag. So -- I attached this gorgeous little leather lens case to a beautifully woven over-the-shoulder number I already had in my collection. The lens case features a bright red corduroy interior and is now home to my loose change. I think it's a cool customized look that's, as they say, bang on trend. The lens case was 99p. Hey FFI, how's that look?        

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