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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

FOUND - Talisman For Time Gone By

I found this ring in my mother's jewelry box. It's her high school class ring, a gift from my father, then her boyfriend. She graduated in '60, was married several years later and by '64 was welcoming into the world a baby daughter. My parents are no longer married but this ring recalls a time when they were young and in love. Chunky but nicely worn, it feels just right on my pinky finger. It's over 50 years old and still beautiful - a daily reminder that's never lost on me. My childhood was happy and carefree - I was 18 before my parents divorced - but trying to construct a single, unblemished memory of the two people who made me is tricky. They've now been apart longer than they were married, but together they're still my parents. I imagine the day my handsome, awkward father gave my stylish, lively mother this little circle of gold and the ring encompasses the three of us, if only for a moment. Do you have a fashion talisman for a time gone by?         

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