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Thursday, 31 July 2014

FOUND - J Crew Before Jenna

Another fantastic find from the Oxfam in Ealing. This is a blast from my past; a J Crew fitted shirt, pre-Jenna Lyons, the company's ubiquitous Creative Director. The bespectacled front woman is everywhere right now but the J Crew look is one I've longed for since Jenna carried a babydoll rather than a Birkin. The very American East Coast preppy style - bright but sleek, feminine but sporty - was my aim in the mid-80s. While I don't row, ride, play lawn tennis or snow ski - the traditional preppster pastimes - I wanted to be part of the Crew crowd. The company that debuted in 1983 as a mail-order business was more affordable then than today, but as a money-strapped journalism student it was still out of my league. In the 80s I could only 'window shop' J Crew so it was a red letter day when recently I found this shirt down memory-lane for just £5.99.

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