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Sunday, 13 July 2014

FOUND - Brooch That Floats My Boat

I found this waterfall brooch at Kitts Couture, a well-stocked but tiny vintage shop in Penzance. Tricky to date it; the beads are plastic and along with the 'C' clasp are evidence that it could date back as early as 1910. Seems impossible, but I do hope so. It's much bigger than other similar examples I've seen, so makes a striking statement on a black coat. A few years ago I become slightly obsessed with Penzance and the surrounding area; in 9 months we traveled there 3 times via the minor comforts of a sleeper train from Paddington Station. Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole offer maritime history, beautiful coastline and plenty of 2nd-hand shopping, I ask, "what's not to love?" If you visit, stay at the charming and comfortable Artist Residence Hotel on Chapel Street, just up the road from Kitts Couture. This 11-room boutique guesthouse offers accommodation designed by various British artists and the friendliest staff in all of Cornwall ( The brooch was £22.        

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