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Sunday, 27 July 2014

TRY THIS - Thanks, I'm Just Looking

This is my mate Joe in Amsterdam, a man who introduced me to the honest simplicity of mid-Century modern design, among other things. I'm thankful he appreciates my love of colour and more colour, otherwise he may have never sent me this inspiring photo. I often find window shopping - just looking - the very best, inexpensive way to train the eye. The defined space of a window, combined with the urban activity of the street, creates shapes, lines and combinations that tell a secret story for the viewer alone. The colour pop of the hats against the brown-grey of the cobblestones encourages me to enliven my winter woolies with a slash of orange or peach. I'm keen to re-evaluate fashions I've previously dubbed 'summer only.' Could they have a winter style-life? Next time a shop assistant says, "Can I help you?" remember it's fine to studiously reply "No thanks, I'm just looking."


Citizen Rosebud said...

I agree! Window shopping is great for inspiration and when the clerks are nice and the stuff is cool, I can always return to shop for realz!

Anmarie said...

Friendly staff make all the difference. When my shop was still open, I'm certain it was the chit chat that brought people back. My husband says if I'd talked less, and sold more, I'd have made more money. But a lot fewer friends!