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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

FOUND - Shiny Swiss Shoes or Not?

I found these shoes at the Fara Charity Shop on Bond Street, Ealing. The boffins claim a woman who collects shoes is a frustrated traveler. And they may be on to something, because these patent pretties have left this traveler wildly frustrated. They're glorious; leather soles, sturdy construction, elegant shape. Even the laces are lovely and once re-heeled they were good to go. The label reads 'Bally Avant Garde' but all the research in the world hasn't uncovered a connection to Bally, the famed Swiss shoe company. The Bally label is traditionally block lettered not script (see inside shoe) and I can't yet find a past Bally line called Avant Garde. I'll joyfully wear these and appreciate their high style and superior quality but I still feel slightly cheated. The shoes haven't told me their story! Do you know anything about Bally Avant Garde? Either way, their price was no mystery - just £15. 

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Michelle - edenfound said...

ooh - they're lovely! What a great find!!