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Saturday, 19 July 2014

TRY THIS - Applaud Your Man's Style

This is my husband's band JB and The Wolfmen playing the 100 Club, the iconic gig venue on Oxford Street. These blokes are 4 of the most stylish men I know. Do they wear hyper-trendy fashions studiously lifted from the pages of Gentleman's Quarterly? No. They buy clothes they like, clothes that suit them and they wear their selections with confidence and gusto. Occasionally a woman is compelled to 'dress her man.' I was. Once. Ages ago when I suggested JB adopt a preppy, East Coast American vibe, his face said it all. "Anything for you baby, but not that." Today I champion his look, hunting for the 40s and 50s non-repeating patterned neckties he likes and topping up his selection of slouchy suits when I find them on sale. I also unearthed his pride and joy, a dove grey fur-felt Fedora. Most men - even those over 40 - aren't tone deaf to style. But you gotta' let them sing their own song. 

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