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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

TRY THIS - Fox is Back in Fashion

Lately I've become obsessed with foxes, urban foxes mostly. All around my Ealing home, these long, lean beauties prowl about, sometimes in broad daylight, to the dismay of many. While I occasionally worry for them, it seems my fear is unfounded. There's a big boy fox in the area who looks like he's eating for a family of 4. I half expect to see him up on 2 legs in the local Tesco buying a 6-pack of pork pies and sleeve of custard creams. When I was in high school the boys referred to good-looking girls, girls they liked and longed to date, as "foxes." Never foxy - that was old school - just fox. "That new girl who moved in on Woodhaven Lane is a fox." I'm determined to bring this descriptive term back into fashion. Gradually I'm referring to stylish women as foxes. "She's a fox in that sun dress and shades," and so forth, as needed. I wonder what 'style' describer you'd like to return to the lexicon?

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