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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

TRY THIS - Styled by the Book

Huntress in her natural habitat - a seaside salvage yard. Vintage rattan frame, £1.50, found at the Children's Society Charity shop, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing. Visiting family in Florida I couldn't resist re-purposing an architectural finial as a hat. But this goofy head shot is really all about the hair. The near perfect bob has been my calling card for a decade however it didn't come easy. For years I tried to grow my hair long and luxurious but never achieved more than mid-length and stringy. While living in LA, Long Hair Capital of the World, I re-read F Scott Fitzgerald's short story 'Bernice Bobs Her Hair' and my look was born. Today my bob's best friend is hair expert Bea, find her in Ealing, at Zero Zero Salon (CLICK). I wonder if your style has ever been inspired by literature, art or music? 

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