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Thursday, 10 July 2014

FOUND - Bless My Cotton Socks

I found these Falke socks at a Cancer Research charity shop in Ealing, unworn and still in their original packaging. Falke is a German company founded in 1895; contemporary products, including gloriously coloured tights, are sold at Harrods, Harvey Nics, Neiman Marcus and other hoity-toity retailers. A wool/cotton mix, these socks are anatomically correct; there's a little 'L' on the left sock and 'R' on the right. In nearly every charity shop on the planet you'll find a basket of miscellaneous bits & bobs that the shop manager can't figure out how to display - that's where I found this fancy footwear. So step lively and start rummaging through baskets, boxes and bowls. These cost a pound a pair. 

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