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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

FOUND - French Fancy in The Attic

I found this vintage cotton nightie at Le-Grenier, a small but perfectly formed 2nd-hand shop at 146 Bethnal Green Road. It's a feast for the eyes. Hand-picked, lightly-worn but interesting, story-laden and desirable Gallic clothing and housewares await you. Now I'm a westside girl, I rarely go further east than the Southbank, but over the weekend I made my way to Rich Mix to enjoy a new play a friend wrote and directed. Alighting at Bethnal Green tube station, I walked up the road marveling at the plethora of shops offering sparking saris of every description. The bold colour combinations, flashy trimmings and opulent weaves were inspiring. Then, with the theatre nearly in sight, Le-Grenier quietly asked me in. At the back of the shop on a small rail this simple cotton a-line frock presented itself. The peachy-pink trim, so feminine. The crisp white cotton, so inviting. It's just the prettiest thing I've owned in years. A bargain at only £20. Make your way to Le-Grenier, let's support London's independents.

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