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Monday, 12 January 2015

FOUND - The Definition of 2nd-hand Style

I find my husband's style sense both thoughtful and bold. While everyone in his office is wearing chinos and relaxed shirts, he wears a suit five days week. It's the punk in him - that tearaway need to be outside the everyday, to defy not just authority but the norm. So while his suited & booted, shirt & tied attire may look ordinary to you, in his professional but casual environment he's an iconoclast. Look closely, you'll see only white shirts, brogues by Doc Martin of course, 40 or 50s neckties with non-repeating patterns are preferred and there'll be a tie pin holding the look together. Not any tie pin mind, my husband has definite ideas about this little piece of man bling - definite, undefinable ideas. For me, his constant search for suitable ties and tie pins make him my favourite 2nd-hand wing man. Together we can quietly scourer a vintage market with an eye for one another's perfect finds. In addition to his own sartorial accessories, he's spotted countless fashion books for me and uncovered several sensational silk scarves. His interest in history and memories of his well turned-out granddad fuel his 2nd-hand clothing choices. Along with a gentle push from me of course. 

Does your partner find 2nd-hand
first class or third rate? 


Anonymous said...

Like me, my Mr cannot pass a charity shop without going in. He is a double-breasted suit-o-holic and I am his enabler lol.

We are now hunting 'proper' braces and watch Alberts for the pocket watch collection. Ties are silk only these days; pocket squares are mostly DIY.

Cashmere socks for Christmas says it all :)

That is such a lovely collection of tie pins. Man bling is delicious.

Pendleton shirt washed beautifully :))

Anmarie said...

Sounds like you've got a stylish wing man too. Nice. Loving the double breasted suit look. Yeah, I'm kinda jealous of the husband's tie pins, I want them! Good news about Pendleton shirt - quality so not surprising really. Enabler, me too. And when I find a tie pin I KNOW he'll love - I'm crazy excited. Fashion is for fun, right?