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Thursday, 29 January 2015

TRY THIS - Collar Public School Chic

I found this man's shirt at Mary's Living & Giving shop in Ealing. It was made by New & Lingwood CLICK HERE, not just a shirt maker but a men's outfitter dating back to the 1800s. Miss Elizabeth New and Mr Samuel Lingwood established the company in 1865. A female founder, and unmarried at that, is unusual for a 150-year-old men's clothier (she would eventually make an honest man of Samuel). Located in Eton, New & Lingwood were official outfitters to Eton College, the renowned English public school. By 1922 the company had opened a shop in Jermyn Street but it was sadly destroyed in the Blitz. After the war N&L situated itself on the corner of Piccadilly Arcade where it remains to this day. 

A quality garment, this shirt is softened to perfection from previous wear. If you buy only one thing in charity shops, make it a versatile, well-made men's shirt. It will be your perfect beach cover-up, sleep shirt and casual denim partner. Tied at the waist in the summer or hanging out of a cropped jacket in winter, quality shirts, as Miss Elizabeth knew, well serve stylish men and women alike. This cotton candy striped 2nd-hander was just £6.99.  


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous shirt. My Mister picked up an M+S Best of British for £28 (reduced who knows why unless it was because it was unpackaged - from nearly £100!!!) and I can absolutely recommend them if you see them whilst you are charity shopping - fabulous quality, 100% UK manufacture (Rayner and Sturges)

Anmarie said...

I'm LOVING Marks Best of British line. Some lovely stuff - that shirt for sure! There's a pinstripe full skirt cut on the bias, that I would love to have - if it goes on sale, I might have to buy it new (shock, horror!) Looking forward to B of B making its way to the charity shops.

Anonymous said...

It all ends up in the charity shops or on eBay lol. We had been stalking this shirt for ages - being out in the sticks a lot of M+S never gets here!

Anmarie said...

Life isn't worth living if you're not stalking SOMETHING ;)