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Thursday, 15 January 2015

TRY THIS - Be Emboldened by Bloggers

I found this striking necklace - metal and stone - at the Mind charity shop across the road from Highgate tube station. Looking like a one-off unearthed on an exotic holiday, it's weighty and well-traveled. Once home though, the £4.99 find felt surprisingly pedestrian. I'd planned to use it as 'filler' in the neck of a crisp with shirt but somehow the effect was wanting. However the necklace won't be re-donated to my local charity shop, for mercifully styling rescue arrived this week in the form of a fellow fashion blogger. Alyson, freelance journalist, former fashion editor and creator of That's Not My Age CLICK HERE, re-introduced me to accessorizing aristocrat, Loulou de la Falaise. Alyson's recent blog post is a compelling case for a coffee table tome about the Yves Saint Laurent muse and accessory designer (published by Rizzoil). The stunning photos in the post (and book) gave my stale styling vibe fresh stimulation. Do CLICK HERE for a sneak peek at LouLou's jewellery genius. 

This is what my fellow blogger inspired. Three very different necklaces combining for a look that is greater than the sum of its parts. My charity shop find is topped with a string of heavy gold beads I picked up ages ago at the American discount retailer Target. It's actually a quality item, a staple that style shifts depending on what it accompanies. Nestled between the two is a pendant created by Pididdly Links bought in 1994 on an interminable car journey through upstate New York. In 1969 Pididdly Links began creating Victorian-inspired high-quality costume jewellery in Lake Katrine, NY. The company stopped production in 1995, but not before I got hold of my gold medal girl. I like to think this trio, now a singular sensation, would leave Loulou positively spellbound.  

Thanks That's Not My Age.  

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