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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

TRY THIS - Be Inspired by the Flapper in You

I found this book at the Cancer Research charity shop in Putney. I'm not alone, I don't suspect, in my fascination with the 1920s, a "dangerous generation." The 6 women featured in Flappers include socialite Diana Cooper, activist Nancy Cunard, actress Tallulah Bankhead, dancer Josephine Baker, painter Tamara de Lempicka and 20s flag bearer Zelda Fitzgerald. 
"None of them got as far as they wanted, and they all had to settle for being artistic rather than artists."                     The Guardian 
I'm particularly drawn to Zelda - the wife of F Scott - for like me, she was an aspiring writer born in Alabama. My Southern roots aren't deep. I've no independent memory of the small military town, Ozark, where I was born. But it is in fact the sheer brevity of my early time in Dixie that makes the place and its people all the more compelling in my head. My mother tells a story of finding a snake in my baby shoe one morning and recalls the real poverty they faced trying to make ends meet on my father's Army salary. Accounts of Zelda's life and my own recreate the American South in my imagination, at once dark and garish. It's a mysterious never-never landscape that I cannot resist visiting.      

For the full review of Flappers in The Guardian CLICK HERE

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