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Friday, 16 January 2015

TRY THIS - Face It, She's Better With Age

I find 2nd-hand infinitely more interesting than brand new, hence Huntress London. It seems new fashions only become significant to me once they've been knocked around. I bought this Mulberry bag in 2003, a time in my life when while I had a bit of dosh, I was unsettled, in transition, searching. I'd taken time off from 'real' work to write. Write, I did not, instead I wandered (the streets of Central London) and wondered (lost in my own thoughts). One day while weaving my way around Oxford Street, down along St Christopher's Place, I spotted this decidedly un-Mulberry bag in a shop window. 

In a moment of madness I walked into the shop and said, "I'll take it." I've never regretted the pricey purchase, it's a striking, well-made bag from a classic British fashion house. All the same, she sat in my closet, nearly unused, for years. I could always find something more appealing to sling over my shoulder. Then one day I noticed the wine-coloured leather trim was coming away from the tapestry. I immediately had the bag repaired by a local, reliable shoe guy and voilĂ ! I fell head-over-heels in love with her. Over time she enjoyed more wear and tear, acquiring a patina that said she was full of experience and purpose. Not unlike me.  


Anonymous said...

What a lovely bag (and story). You've inspired me to dig out a bag I've had for AGES and never really used - not as glam as yours - but a splurgey buy, even in the sales for me (which is why I bought it lol).

Vintage Mulberry men's trousers are the best if you can find them. My Mister has a pair of 40s style double pleat wool with turn ups - half lined - just gorgeous. We are forever searching for another pair just like them so as not to have to take them out of rotation lol

Anmarie said...

Thank, glad you like. I totally understand 'fashion rationing' - I've got a few things I LOVE but wear sparingly. Silly really. AND NOW I'll be on the look out for Mulberry men's trousers...they sound like they'd suit my guy. Thanks for the tip, as always ;)