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Monday, 28 July 2014

FOUND -Normcore? Bore Me Some More

I found this jacket, part of a French paper firm's uniform, at a tiny vintage shop in Deal on the Kent coast. I think it probably qualifies as 'normcore.' Normcore is what the Fashion Fluffs are calling the trend they've started that entails anonymous, 'normal' dressing. White gym socks and plain trainers with jeans typify this look. Apparently it's a way for super fashion insiders to disguise their ultra-knowing style sense by cloaking it in threads that send no discernible sartorial message. I'm tempted to celebrate this self-obsessed trend if only because I switched off to messages from the mainstream Fash Pack a few years ago. With normcore they've stopped sending messages? Three cheers for normcore! But the patronizing absurdity of it leaves me once again disappointed in an industry that never fails to wear its contempt for its audience on its sleeve. I add a bright coloured pocket square to this jacket and call it work wear with flare. Normcore? Snore. The jacket was £28. 

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