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Saturday, 5 July 2014

TRY THIS - Chance Lady Luck Online

Is hunting on Ebay cheating? Yes, strictly speaking. The thrill of searching for pre-owned treasure is in the random, comme ci comme ca nature of an actual hunt. Virtual shopping is generally devoid of happy accidents as the laser beam accuracy of the Ebay search tool stifles the whirligig of chance. Don't get me wrong, I have a tidy list of items I search for on Ebay; Castaner espadrilles, Clergerie shoes, Marimekko, vintage Levis, 40s/50s neckties and shirt-waist dresses, among others. Often I'll find an item from my list that has potential but still isn't quite right (wrong size, price, colour, etc). Nonetheless I appreciate the seller's vibe; a photo and description is so intriguing that I click further to see what else the seller is offering. The hunt is on, randomness is reinstated. This handmade 'pipe cleaner' brooch was one of a pair found on Ebay. The other tiny lass, passed on to a friend, wore wide-legged trousers and wee green cropped top. The two cost £8.99.   

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