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Monday, 7 July 2014

TRY THIS - Used Jeans: Pants or Perfect?

I haven't bought new jeans in over 5 years. A key style item never bought new? Controversial, clever, crazy? In the past 10 years denim has shot up in price - £100, £200, even £300 for a pair of these casual trousers isn't unusual. Levi Strauss must be turning in his grave. Denim is a hard wearing fabric making it a perfect pre-owned find and these days styles are more versatile - we wear them rolled up, cuffed, faded, dark, ripped, frayed, straight, flared etc, etc. When I was in high school the rules around denim were so much stricter; you wore straight leg jeans, that dragged the ground, full stop. Long jeans were tricky for me, as I was 5'10", age 14. Now jeans are often worn to show off shoes making short denim not only acceptable, but au courant. When hunting, I seek out classic brands - Levis and Wrangler - but I try on nearly every decent pair of 2nd-hand jeans I find in my size. Fit is the key and often after someone else has stretched and washed a pair of jeans they end up perfect for me. The five pre-owned pairs here range in price from £8 to £20.   

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