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Sunday, 20 July 2014

FOUND - Round Peg for Square Hole

I found this large straw bag at the Fara charity shop just up the road from the Turnham Green tube station. I've half a dozen straw bags so did I really need to clutter my collection with yet another? It's unbranded, probably not very old, in reasonably good nick so I hear you ask, "But Huntress, what's so special about this one?" I'll tell you what - packability. This summer staple and carrier classic lays perfectly flat and will slip seamlessly into my suitcase. It's a multi-tasker too; a beach bag, shopping tote, and even a fetching summer evening-out bag. It checks all the box, or, well, fills in all the circles. Straw bags have reached iconic style status; they add texture, design history and a timeless air to any outfit. When you see 'em cheap, unique and well-made, I suggest you grab 'em. Or I will. This red rounder was just £6.  

Thanks to Ealing Today, local on-line newspaper, 
for featuring Huntress London in My Ealing        

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