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Friday, 25 July 2014

FOUND - White Walks the Walk

I found these vintage heels at the Fara charity shop on Bond Street in Ealing. The brand, AM Ashmore, is elusive - research has uncovered nothing about it but they are marked 'Made in Italy' and boast leather soles. Quality, full stop. When I was young, growing up in small town America, the fashion rulebook said one should not wear white dress shoes before Memorial Day (late May) or after Labor Day (early September). The fictional fashionista Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series Sex in the City  - an avid wearer of white heals any time of year - helped to loosen up the tight white restriction. Today, shoes of any hue 'Made in Italy' have extra cachet and we've Salvatore Ferragamo to thank for it. He landed in Hollywood at just age 16, setting up a shoe shop that stars the likes of Greta Garbo flocked to in droves. Later he returned to his native Italy and built a shoe dynasty. While these are not Ferragamos, they are bellissima! I wear them with rolled-up Levis. They were just £7.    


Kim Dalferes said...

Growing up in Florida, where it was perpetually hot except for one three hour period on one day of February each year (except in leap years), white shoes were always acceptable. Your new ones look very classy.

Anmarie said...

I visit family in Florida once a year and I love Southern Style - I'm always inspired by the fashion creativity of the area.