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Monday, 13 October 2014

TRY THIS - Cardigan Replacement Therapy

I found this silk Chinese-style jacket at the Randolph Street Market in Chicago CLICK HERE. It's soft, a beautiful gold neutral-ish hue, with a lovely aged patina. I came to live in London some 8 years ago and can say with great certainty the Big Smoke has influenced my style in positive fashion. I've become less matchy-matchy, I've developed a kind of colour courage that once eluded me and I can make brogues work with almost anything. I credit London for these style turns. I've also come to rely on a cardigan capsule wardrobe, a team of button-through sweaters, I never had (or needed) in the USA; for this London's changeable weather must take credit. Cardigans, while 4-season saviors, have easily become my dull fashion default.                  

So this gold jacket offered welcome Cardigan Replacement Therapy - a first step in learning to use cardigans more sparingly. Perfect alone in the late days of August, this brocade beauty also works underneath the heavy coats we'll be wearing all too soon. Atop a dress or trousers it provides stylish relief from cardigan repeat. Need a change of life style? Find a few flashy cardigan alternatives. My Chinese jacket was US$20.

What style pieces do you wear to  
combat the banality of cardigan-ality? 


Anonymous said...

OH that is MARVELLOUS indeed - what a glorious, gorgeous colour and print. Excited!

I'm a kimono not cardi girl - but that's vintage and damaged then cropped to hip length - not an unstructured shirt edged in lampshade trim lol.
Jewel colours to brighten up winter and capacious enough to wear my entire wardrobe layered up beneath lol. Failing that - a nice brocade or silk dressing gown worn as a long shirt.

Yes, theatrical. I can't help it - I have pink hair :))

Anmarie said...

Pink Hair *applause* Never theatrical enough for me ( I work at The National Theatre!) I really want to 'do' more smoking jackets and kimonos...not always sure how to style them. What do you wear over them when it's chilly? This little ditty kinda works for me - shorter is easier.

Anonymous said...

I have a long swing coat in navy wool that is an ankle-grazer, another in black (both charity shopped yay!). Cocoon shaped coats and capes. And I do like shawl jackets - two wrap sized shawls, sewn up the back and side edges, open front- easy-peasy. have some - go to (grrr) scarf kimonos and you'll get the idea. Layers, layers, arm warmers and more layers :)

Anmarie said...

LOVE Native Haze...great kimonos...I've got a friend who will go mad for their stuff. AND I'm doing my own little fashion show tomorrow to try out some of my over coats with a kind of smoking jacket I've never worn. You've inspired me again!