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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

TRY THIS - Style on Hand At Dress Agency

I found these beautifully-made black fishnet gloves at Vintage Rose, 24 Richmond Hill, TW10. This is a classic dress agency with a terrific selection of 2nd-hand fashions, CLICK HERE. Jimmy Choo, Diane VF, Margaret Howell, Ralph Lauren, and many other well-known names could be found when I popped in. My sister Deb was visiting from the US and on a sunny September Saturday, Richmond Upon Thames called to us. She's a high-end style seeker, so rather than dropping designer names she grabs them with gusto and holds on tight. After lots of looking, ooing and aahing at Vintage Rose, Deb came away with Lulu Guinness boots that were absolutely made for walking - out the door, at just £75. My find, seemingly more meager but no less stylish, is unbranded. Long black cotton net gloves look relaxed when made slouchy and worn with my wool hacking jacket. This handy accessory was just £15. 


Raivyn dK said...

These are awesome, nice find!

Anmarie said...

I love of those little additions that make an outfit more fun. Thanks for clicking on Huntress London!