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Thursday, 30 October 2014

FOUND - Call It A Fair Exchange

I found this Aquascutum scarf at Bang Bang Clothing Exchange on Drury Lane, CLICK HERE, my favourite buying and selling 2nd-hand clothing establishment with 3 shops in London. When I was a kid I longed for one of the plastic mock number plates all the kids were buying and attaching to their bikes. Like mini number plates, they featured common first names rather than digits. Hundreds of names were offered, anything from Anita to Walter. My sister Debbie had no problem finding her name. My best pal Cheryl was fine. Mates Jamie and Lisa had the name plates too. Me? No way. Christened and always called Anmarie, I was never able to have an off-the-peg name plate. When I turned 12, we moved to a new house and my arty dad painted ANMARIE on my bedroom wall. What I'm called, its unique spelling, its special treatment, even the letter A, have always helped me to feel unique. I am not an 'off-the-peg' kind of woman. On anyone else the 'A' on this 'monogram scarf' would stand for Aquascutum. On me, it begins to tell the story of who I am. Cost? Can't quite recall - I traded a few unwanted items in exchange for this very personal accessory.

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Anonymous said...

that is elegant - I'm glad it found you :)