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Friday, 3 October 2014

FOUND - Silk Blouse Fit for A Princess

I found this raw silk blouse at Traid in Shepherds Bush. A lovely label in the waist tells me it was Made in England and created by Maureen Baker. Never heard of Ms Baker? That would suit her to a tee. For 30 years she was lead designer for the British ready-to-wear firm Susan Small, when in 1973 Princess Anne asked Maureen to create a wedding dress for her impending union to Mark Phillips. In 1978 the talented designer started her own label but really made no attempt to cash in on her couturier royal coup. She quietly created over 250 outfits for Princess Anne before setting aside her scissors in the 1990s. Interestingly, the Emanuel's consulted Ms Barker before creating Princess Diane's iconic wedding frock. Maureen Baker's work is included in the V&A's fashion collection. 

The blouse's fabric is sumptuous, the stitching immaculate. Little details - fitted peplum waist, bow tie and pleats at the shoulder - mark it out as a quality garment. I'll wear it with a pair of dark blue, snake print silk cigarette trousers and keep the bow tie undone. I'm thrilled to have found this piece of fashion history. It cost me the princely sum of £8.99.  

CLICK HERE to see Princess Anne's wedding dress
created by Maureen Baker.  


Anonymous said...

Crikey, another massive score! This is such an interesting blouse, a great find. Very jealous.

Anmarie said...

This is a new fave. I'd have loved the blouse no matter what - adore tartan and raw silk! But the extra story it tells with its label is just a great talking point. Will now always look out for Maureen Baker.

Jen Thomson said...

Wonderful! Really love the style too...fantastic find.

Anmarie said...

I love it, and its history! Charity shops really are where the best style is hiding.