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Thursday, 23 October 2014

FOUND - Paper Roses Bloom in W7

I found this hand-painted box at the Craft Barn in the forecourt of The Fox Pub in Hanwell, CLICK HERE. A little shed in the shadow of a lovely pub, the space is filled with a selection unique items created by area craftspeople. If you're like me, you save tissue paper and boxes re-using it to wrap gifts and such. The creator of this work of art also keeps boxes, but she makes the ordinary quite extraordinary - every surface of the box, inside and out is beautifully embellished by her hand. The Fox Pub is located on the Grand Union Canal, so it's not surprising that roses on the box resemble those that adorn longboats found along the banks of the canal.     

While the Craft Barn is open weekends with a selection of items, on the last Saturday of the month all the crafters pitch up with a wider variety of their wares. I'm told the artist who created this box is a talented woman of 70; I'm anxious to meet her on Saturday to express my appreciation for her work. Nothing but the best will be stored inside it; the box is the new home for my most delicate of lingerie. At just £6, everything's coming up paper roses.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, am Yaz, met you and your hubby today, mum (artist of box)Victoria, says thanks for lovely comments.
And may we have ur phone no-