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Friday, 24 October 2014

TRY THIS - Give A 2nd-Hand Gift

I found this little stickpin at the debut Antiques Market in West Ealing, just outside the Drayton Court CLICK HERE. I've given him to friends who are getting married tomorrow in up-state New York. They're legalizing their 14-year relationship at a ceremony in the back garden of their home, nestled among enormous trees and a babbling brook. A small but special affair, they're wearing tweeds among the Autumn leaves and in keeping with the theme, a fox motif adorned their wedding invitations. I'm sad to say I can't join them but this little what-not serves as a reminder that I'm thinking of them on their day. This gift is not about the cost, the truth is they can buy nearly anything they like and after years together, well, a toaster is out of the question. I know they'll adore this foxy gent for his animal appeal. He's well-made, stylish and full of character - very much like them. Antiques markets are great places to find stylish mementos to mark special occasions. 

See you at the monthly West Ealing Antiques Market 
tomorrow, 25 October CLICK HERE

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