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Thursday, 9 October 2014

TRY THIS - Face It Sister, She's a Keeper

My sister recently returned this brooch to me. I bought it some 20 years ago; at the time she begged me to let her have it and reluctantly I did. What a lovely old/new surprise when she gave it back to me on a recent visit. My sister and I are magpies. We like stuff, we buy stuff, stuff makes us sing. While we're birds of a feather, our flight patterns are completely different. Debra, the round-faced girl in braids, buys things and keeps them forever. She falls in love for life, keeping but not always wearing the shoes, dresses and jewelry she covets. In boxes, closets and cedar chests Deb has a sort of archive of our childhood, for she's been known to even keep things that were once mine. Me, the show-off on the lawn chair, I love things, wear them, re-purpose them, stain them, tear them, wash them and then take them to charity shops where I'm likely to find something new/old to replace what I've donated. If Deb is a sartorial archivist, then I'm a clothing custodian. Pretty stuff is mine for a time to love and enjoy but then set free. What style flight pattern are you navigating through your life? 


Anonymous said...

Clothing sanctuary here. I will buy something for the textile/print/buttons. I cannot pass by a doily or bit of hand embroidery. I hoard souvenir tea towels particularly linen ones. If it has a sequin on it then it is mine.

As a consequence I am surrounded by stuff - but I do wear/use things. We eat from a mish-mash of 30s and 50s plates - I use tureens and covered dishes. I like candles and table settings.

Sartorially, anything is fair game so long as it isn't man-made. Rayon and viscose can pass muster if the quality is good. I'll always go vintage in preference to high street - or even better - what's on the town market.

Is there an archaeological bird? I guess I'm a magpie peacock lol

Anmarie said...

Love the idea of a magpie peacock! And a clothing sanctuary...for birds of feather. I like thinking about the relationship we have with our clothes. I don't consider fashion a serious subject but what we wear is revealing. Like you, I'm a 'user' of the stuff I love. I often feel sorry for the frock that hangs in a closet, unworn, like a museum piece...I send my clothes out to play!