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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

TRY THIS - Purchase Plaid Pre-Owned

I found this scarf over the weekend at a Vintage Fair hosted by The Fox in Hanwell - a small but perfectly formed sale in the courtyard outside the pub. And it seems I've landed on the 'latest' trend, in West London of all places. The AW14 season sees tartan offered up as if the blueprint for its creation was only yesterday ripped from a drawing board for immediate debut on runways worldwide. The FFI's* claim to the woolen fabric seems so brazen you wouldn't be blamed for wondering aloud, "um, do they think they invented this stuff? Last night?" While mindlessly celebrating the return of John Galliano and conjuring patronizing trends like normcore, how do you find the time FFI*? (Huntress on normcore CLICK HERE). I love tartan, full stop, but the way in which Capital 'F' Fashion jumps in front of a traditional and long-standing style parade makes me see red (and green, with a little white). Who doesn't own a bit of tartan? Okay, maybe you're too young to have loved the Bay City Rollers, and fair enough. However, if you do lack the organized, overlapping woven wonder that is tartan, for goodness sake, buy it second-hand. Vintage fairs and charity shops are stocked full of clothing made from this durable and forever-fashionable fabric. The scarf was £6.   

* Flippin' Fashion Industry 


tralala said...

Oh I do like plaid esp Dame Viv + plaid. I have some plaid leggings that my Mister refers to as trews. Lets bring back trews!! FFI 'discovers' madras check and gingham from time to time - with 'normcore' being a thing I'm just waiting for the return of the shell suit.

I'd love a tartan jacket with a velvet collar - need to go and find some old Laura Ashley lol - LOVE your scarf ... actually would love an old pastel tartan mohair scarf now .... hmmm

Anmarie said...

Viv gets big love from me too - when I can find her 2nd-hand. AND ooo yes pastel mohair, nice. There used to be a couple of really lovely shops that sold just that sort of woolen scarf in Bloomsbury, wear I lived, sharing a tiny flat with a gang of mice. I've got some old Laura Ashley that I can't live with out. Old must be the key...