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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

TRY THIS - She's Still Keeping Me Warm

This is Vivian, my Grandmother. She passed away in her 90s last year. Some years before she died she gave the fur she's wearing to my sister who re-purposed the dated, ageing coat. A lovely satin lined neck warmer is what remains of it for me. I realize fur is controversial, but to my mind binning something that belonged to this beloved lady is far more controversial. I can 'hear her' wearing this fur, along with a pencil skirt and nylons which 'woosh wooshed' when she walked. She introduced me to the delights of high-end handbags, Gucci in particular. When all her children had grown-up and finally moved out, she took a job at Higbees, a fancy department store in Massillon Ohio, where she stood regally behind the gleaming glass handbag counter. On very cold days I wrap this little bit of fur round my neck, pull my vintage Gucci pocketbook close and feel confident neither the elements nor the fashion police can get at me. I am protected by Vivian; my style saint, my memories, my grandma.  

REMINDER: This Saturday is the monthly West Ealing
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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm quietly fuming over here Anmarie. I feel your distress at having been denied the opportunity to make the original coat your own. What is left will keep you extra cozy this winter and remind you of Vivian. xox

Anmarie said...

Anything, even part of a coat, from my grandma means the world to me. I feel quietly subversive wearing my lovely neckwarmer. Sod the rest! Thanks for sharing a memory of Viv with me. She was a cracking woman!