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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

FOUND - Pop-Bang-Fizz, Oh How Fab It Is

I found this velvet, embellished clutch bag at the Oxfam in Ealing. The stones are real, the silver and gold threading spectacular. In the latest Vogue UK, Julia Hobbs coins an interesting and rather useful style term; the Fizz Buy, "the utterly rash, entirely exciting, heart-pounding purchase that defies ordinary logic." This splashy bag is full of it. Okay I need another clutch bag like I need a net umbrella. To boot, this black beauty is rather small; phone, keys, lippy - that's it. It "defies ordinary logic" indeed. However, the workmanship, quality and high wattage elegance left my "heart pounding." Charity shops are THE place to look for Fizz Buys - off the rails fashion finds that aren't what you need but definitely what you want, but when purchased 2nd-hand don't drain your purse dry. I'm likely to team this with a mix of casual (jeans) and glam (silk blouse). But I'm tempted to pair it with my large leather caramel-coloured Hobbs "Kelly" bag, re-purposing the clutch as a highly ornate organizer. I'd fill it with cards, pens, a notebook, and then slip it inside my handbag - snap! Every day fizz for just £4.99. 

The puffin in the photo is from Audubon's Birds of America book   


Anonymous said...

Oh what a find - you'll simply have to double bag it © Pull Your Socks Up!

I often wear these kinds of little cocktail bags as a pocket. I'm quite gimpy and feel rather vulnerable out and about; I like to wear my valuables in a cross body bag under my top layer - then I can shake my walking stick and shake in mirth at any bag snatcher getting away with a bag full of detritus and old bus tickets LMAO

Theres something of the military in that embroidery and wirework SWOON!!!!

Anmarie said...

I love how our Pull Up Your Socks gal styles the double bag her whole look! I can actually see this little lovely poking out of the side pocket of a jacket *runs of to see which pockets are big enough* Cheers!