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Saturday, 9 August 2014

TRY THIS - Thrifty Is Nifty For Kids

I found this wooden dog at the Oxfam in Ealing. He's made by Brio, a Swedish toy company founded in 1884 and best known for the wooden trains they began making in 1958. I date my love of 2nd-hand hunting back to my childhood when on summer Saturday mornings my mom would rouse me and my sister from our beds, get a bowl of cereal down our throats and pile us into the car. We were off to the wonders of the weekend garage sales. This American tradition of selling unwanted stuff from your garage, less popular today, served as a hobby and moneymaker for many suburban women in the 1970s. Local newspaper classified sections listed who was selling and where. Home-made signs announcing an upcoming garage extravaganza were tacked to telephone poles all over town. Oh the treasures we uncovered! Sadly the garage sale doesn't feature in England but you can still teach kids thrifty shopping lessons. Get them out early to a charity shop armed with donations of old toys and worn clothing. If they uncover a gem in the shop ask them to consider where it came from? How old? Who once owned it? Why did they donate it? Not sure? Make up stories! Treasure hunting fun and support for a good cause. Of course nab yourself a bit of 2nd-hand style while you're there. This red rover was £6.99.     

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