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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

FOUND - Another 'Never Buy New' Belt

I found this belt at the Cancer Research charity shop near Ealing Broadway Station last week. I've said it before and I'm sure to say it again; never buy a belt new. Fantastic, high-end and simply well-made waist cinchers are easy pickings in charity shops. This one quite possibly my best buy ever. Best ever - really. There it hung among other cheaper, less enticing belts; you look at a few frogs before you find a perfect pre-owned prince. I saw, I wondered, I hoped. And there on the back of one of the straps, imprinted into the leather, the word Mulberry appeared. I nearly fainted. The belt reminds me of Lauren Hutton, the 70s model who originated the gapped tooth smile. She who typified the safari chic this belt is channelling. And Mulberry?  Only an English classic. How much, you ask? I fear you won't believe me, but it was just £3. Honest.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately such finds are very rare! Lucky you.

Anmarie said...

I suppose you have to "be in it to win it" so I soldier on, browsing the charity shops and hopefully improving my luck along the way. This belt is a one in a million though, I agree.