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Friday, 15 August 2014

TRY THIS - Separate Your Separates

I found this Tory Burch skirt at Oxfam in Ealing, a place that over the summer has been the site of some spectacular finds. This is what the fashion world refers to as a 'separate' or 'coordinate.' More than likely it had a matching piece - a jacket, blouse or cardigan by the same designer made specifically to 'go with' the skirt. If the coordinating piece had been available I would have bought it however, I almost never wear my matching separates together. I find the matchy-matchy look too predictable, too dependant on decisions made by the manufacture. I want to decide how I'll wear a piece. Styling your clothes should be fun, an adventure, a creative dance. Enjoy, even relish stamping YOUR style on YOUR wardrobe. I'll wear this skirt with a crisp white blouse, wide black belt and black wedge espadrilles, and finish it off with an armload of mismatched bangles. I wonder how you'd style this skirt? It was just $6.99.

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