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Friday, 29 August 2014

FOUND - Sparkle Made So Simple

I found this vintage sequin top at Bang Bang (CLICK) on Goodge Street in London. It's hand sewn, beautifully made with a light cotton lining. I style it with rolled-up jeans, anything else would leave it feeling overly dated. Paired with denim and vintage heels, it's transformed to low voltage glam. Perfect for a night out with my husband or drinks with girl pals. I work in theatre. Frankly I people watch and get paid, so now and then I long for the days when women dolled-up for an evening at the theatre. Lifestyle changes and the predilections of public transport in London make many high-style choices impossible if not ridiculous. Further, the arts' any-way-is-okay dress-code encourages people to give live theatre a go. But don't sequins, just a few, make the world a better place? This is indeed a perfect West End night-out outfit. The top was £10 - leaving pounds in your purse for an ice cream at the interval. 

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