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Friday, 8 August 2014

TRY THIS - Buy, Sell, Give, Get, Go

I found these vintage brass earrings in the window of a Retro Woman shop in Notting Hill. The shop was closed so my boyfriend (now my husband) and I could only admire them in the moonlight. I gushed while he just smiled, hatching a plan. The next day he raced back to the shop, bought the earrings and to my surprise and delight gave them to me the following weekend. The Retro Shops in Notting Hill along Pembridge Gardens are 2nd-hand establishments that buy and sell your gently used items ( They know their brands and what buyers want. If you bring them items to sell, be prepared for 'no, thanks.' They're choosy. It can be a sobering experience and you won't make a mint but you get cash in hand or twice the cash value in shop vouchers. The Retros are packed out with goods so give yourself plenty of time. The selection they offer is as much high street as high-end, as much vintage as virtually new. These earrings were £32 but they're priceless to me.

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