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Thursday, 21 August 2014

TRY THIS - Start Your Own Fan Club

I found the fan on the left at the Octavia charity shop in Putney and the one of the right in the famed flea markets of Paris. Over the past few months I've clocked a growing number of stylish women brandishing fans. It's been a steamy summer and these low tech lovelies, that tuck easily into a handbag, can and do alleviate the heat. In centuries past, the fan was the fashionable lady's answer to the text message. These highly embellished accessories clearly communicated, if only you understood the lexicon:
Resting the fan on her lips - I don't trust you.
Fanning herself slowly - I'm not interested.
Passing the fan from one hand to the other - 
I see you looking at another.
Examining closely the paint on her fan - I like you.
Tapping her palm with the fan - Love me.

Not just a pretty face, the fan, but well-spoken too. Along with a cotton hanky, I think fans are summer must haves. The charity shop fan was £2.99 while the French flea market find was 14 euros. I'm a fan of both; my niece Rylee collect fans so these will one day be passed on to her.  

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