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Monday, 25 August 2014

TRY THIS - £5 Charity Shop Walk

I found this leather, yes leather, bangle at the Fara charity shop in Ealing. Several times a week rather than make my way to work via Ealing Broadway tube station, I walk to Chiswick Station and take the train to Waterloo. A long, lovely walk, part of it along the river, that begins with a swing past several local charity shops. Easily enticed and under time pressure, I could make a purchase that I later regret; grab and go, overspend and under-think. In an effort to self-regulate when walking to Chiswick, I put only a fiver in my purse. It's a challenge; can I snag a small bargain and still have enough leftover for refreshments along the 5+ mile journey. Last week I not only bought this bracelet, a unique addition to my vast collection, but had enough for a cool, fruit smoothie too. The bracelet was just a pound. No regrets. 

Check out Huntress London in Around Ealing
the Council Magazine (bottom right corner)   

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