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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

FOUND - Her Head on a Plate

I found this plate - what I call a fashion curio - at Oxfam in Ealing. The little lady immediately reminded me of charms on my mother's bracelet, a lovely piece she passed on to me a few years ago. The bracelet features no less than 3 silvery silhouettes; one for me, and one for both my siblings. I can even remember little framed black silhouette cut-outs of us kids that hung in our sitting room when I was growing up. The craft of creating silhouettes fell out of favour for a time but has made a welcome return; contemporary artist Kara Walker's thought-provoking use of silhouette cutting to comment on race and identity has been exhibited world-wide for example. This statement plate - a fashion curio - is a perfect resting place for jewellery. It was a charming £1.99.

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