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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

FOUND - Paris Bright Under My Nose

I found this vintage souvenir scarf at the Trinity Hospice charity shop in Putney, SW15. Now a popular collectible, these holiday keepsakes are akin to postcards on fabric. Mobile phones chronicle every waking moment of our hols these days but there was a time when cameras were a luxury. A little ditty like this scarf was the best way to recall sights seen while travelling. Souvenir scarves won't keep you especially warm but they will light up your complexion, a little colour around the face should always be welcomed. Tucked into a light-weight coat or the neckline of my Droopy and Brown waistcoat, this elegant accessory adds Parisian flair to any outfit. A bit of vintage that goes a long way. It was £4. 

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