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Monday, 18 August 2014

FOUND - Bagging A Little Italian Luxury

I found this Frette silk fringed bag at Traid charity shop in Shepherds Bush ( over the weekend. Traid is relatively new to the charity shop scene; their shop in Shepherds Bush is large, well-stocked and maintained, boasting a friendly staff who were creating a particularly effective window display the day I was in. Frette on the other hand is an Italian textile company that's been knocking about since 1860. In 1894 Frette created the Holy Virgin table cloth for the alter at St Peter's in Rome; however, they may be best known for the luxury linens they've supplied to the likes of The Savoy in London, The Ritz in Paris and The Plaza in NYC. Today a Frette queen-size bed set costs in excess of £300 and their men's pyjamas the same. This company is all about luxury, classic products elevated by their incredible craftsmanship. They are, after all, the firm that originally supplied linens to the famed Orient Express. This silk Frette bag was just £4.99.

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