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Monday, 11 August 2014

FOUND - Silk Shirt Switcheroo

I found this silk t-shirt at the Octavia Foundation charity shop in Ealing last week. It's by Pure Collection, an on-line retailer specializing in cashmere & silk clothing, ( This particular shirt retailed for £79 when new. It's actually a v-neck tee but when I tried it on I immediately saw the neckline didn't suit me. Disappointed, I found it difficult to walk away from this quality silk staple. Creativity kicked in. I turned the top back to front and hey presto, I had the perfect silk CREW neck t-shirt that did suit me. I often wear cardies the wrong way round with the buttons running down the back. It's an elegant look that works well with a straight pencil skirt. The easy movement of this silk t-shirt pairs nicely over jeans or tucked into wool trousers. The old switcheroo comes through again. Pure silk for a few pounds. The top was 4 quid. 

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