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Thursday, 28 August 2014

FOUND - 2nd-Hand Songstress Style

Not surprisingly, many of my friends are also 2nd-hand hunters - it seems we gather in groups to compare style notes and admire one another's finds. These talented women are also actors, directors, sculptors, painters, illustrators, musician & songwriters. 

Enter Cassie, who found both the hat and skirt above at the Cancer Research charity shop on Portobello Road. A double-bubble hunting hit. (Do forgive the technical jargon.) The hat is unbranded so Cassie embraces its mystery. The skirt - by Fenn Wright Manson - will be transformed on her. Think Stevie Nicks with a dash for Mimi from La bohème for flavor. The skirt was £9 and the hat was £6.   

"With these pieces I'm channeling my love of all things fin de siecle. I think I make that association because velvet always feels so ostentatious and luxurious to me, whatever form it takes," Cassie reveals.

Her artistry? Below a spectacular video recalling, for me, sumptuous fashion illustrations of the 20 and 30s. Listen up - it's Cassie's music, both her voice and song providing the stylish underscoring to these inspiring moving pictures.     

If you're interested in original music for your fashion video, advertisement or artistic project, or just love Cassie's music (like I do) CLICK HERE for more.   


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this - magical :))

Anmarie said...

Thrilled you like it - I'm lucky to have such a talented mate!