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Thursday, 14 August 2014

FOUND - Trendy With Vintage Pricetag

I found these Bally trainers at the Octavia Foundation charity shop in Putney. There's a common misconception that charity shops are full of musty-smelling vintage and straight up junk. Granny gear and chipped teacups. Okay, sometimes, but there's style gold as well. Week after week, I find high-end, big brand fashions at a fraction of their original price. Last week I found a Mulberry belt for £3, this week Bally trainers that retailed when new for £250. High-end style finds bring a smile to my face. So do quirky vintage pieces. What about that musty smell, I hear you sniff. Here's the trick; spray the offending item with white vinegar, then just let it air out. The vinegar will evaporate quite quickly and with it the pong. Wash as normal. You may need to apply and dry more than once, but I assure you this eliminates eau de vintage. But never mind vintage, today I'm bang on trend - call me Mrs Current - in these all-leather kicks from the famous Swiss shoemaker. Nearly new but sporting a vintage price tag, they were just £15. 

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Alice said...

Love these!

Anmarie said...

...the added bonus? They're the most comfortable shoes I've got. Walked 6 miles into work, like walking on air!