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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

TRY THIS - Ditch Pulp for Publication

I found these books at Oxfam; Bags at Oxfam Richmond and Shoes at Oxfam Marylebone. They're inspiring additions to my growing fashion library. Outlining our historical obsessions with shoes and bags, books like these offer a look into the past as a way of illuminating the present. Understanding the rise, growth, evolution and even decline of fashionable pieces provides a new and exciting foundation for my personal style. With facts and history in mind, I shop in a more mindful manner. The photos in books like these are exceptional, allowing easy comparisons with my own collection of clothing and accessories. I find fashion magazines increasingly unsatisfying, pulp fiction that fails to turn on my sartorial light bulb. But fashion books! They're providing me with style inspiration and practical provocation. No more expensive than a few magazines, Bags was £2.99 and Shoes was £6.99. These are heavy weight winners in my book. 

BREAKING NEWS: Huntress London will join the Oxfam Fashion Team in September, posting on their blog several times a month. We're thrilled to be partnering with this great charity shop tradition.

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