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Monday, 4 August 2014

FOUND - Is This Seriously Barking?

I found this at the Oxfam in Ealing, complete with a hang tag marked 'sample' and note indicating the garment was in 'pre-production.' This well-made wardrobe staple - a t-shirt - may never have been put into production. It's nice to imagine it as a one-off but who knows for sure. As kids, my sister and I chose Peanuts bedspreads for the room we were required to share after my little brother was born. We preferred Snoopy, Lucy, Pig Pen and the gang to Mickey and Minnie. In high school, I was the awkward center on freshman girls basketball team. Everything about this tee is me. But how to style it without looking like a 7-year-old? I'll wear it in Autumn with sleek trousers and a cropped black military-style jacket. Pairing it with 'serious,' highly-tailored pieces will play well against the light-hearted graphic. I relish the challenge of giving this silly shirt a seriously stylish edge. It was just £3.99.       

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